Letworth Kilwinning Lodge No. 2

Letchworth Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 was consecrated in February of 2013. It was created to give to Ballarat a Dining lodge with the catered dining experience, where partners, friends and family were able to join in a convivial environment and where freemasonry could be showcased to external visitors.

Originally destined to be held at the Creswick-Havilah Temple, we soon found that it was difficult to provide our vision. We moved to the Ballarat Masonic Centre, not long after in 2014 where we have endured until recently.

After a planned visit to the Sovereign Hill centre, we soon realised that we could be of benefit to both Sovereign Hill and ourselves. They needed a more permanent masonic presence and guidance to explore the history of freemasonry and we needed a compelling place of meeting which would distinguish us from other lodges in the area.

Meeting Information

Location: Sovereign hill – Charlie Napier Hotel, Bradshaw Road, Golden Point, Victoria, 3350
When: Every second month on the 2nd Friday.
Dress Code: Dinner suit and regalia.

Website: http://www.kilwinning.com.au