Ballarat Yarrowee Lodge No. 10

Ballarat Lodge No 717 E.C. and No 144 V.C.
The Ballarat Lodge was formed with the dissolvement of the French Lodge, “Rameau d’Or d’Eleusis” (Gold of Eleusis that met at the Ballaguy Hotel at Black Hill in 1853 and after it was noted that it was not recognised and was spurned as “irregular” in it’s proceedings. A spurious Order.

Most members resigned from this Lodge and formed the Ballarat Lodge 12th July 1857 as the Ballarat Lodge which originally met at the George Hotel, Ballarat and then Bath’s Hotel in 1858 and then the Exchange Hotel.

On 2nd April, 1857 Ballarat Lodge and the Yarrowee Lodge combined for the first time and there have been numerous occasions where both these lodges have combined and then separated for various reasons and is now known as The Ballarat Yarrowee Lodge No 10 V.C.

The Yarrowee Lodge was Consecrated at the George Hotel on 22nd April, 1857 and amalgamated with the Victoria Lodge No 658 E.C., The Ballarat Lodge No 717 and the United Tradesman Lodge No 744 on 2nd April, 1867 and has met at 11 premises throughout it’s history.

Membership, like many other district lodges declined from 252 in 1857, 110 members 1982, 31 members in 2007 and now 54 members in the current combined Lodge.

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Meeting Information

Location: Ballarat Masonic Centre – 616 Barkly, Street Golden Point (Ballarat), Victoria, Australia 3350.
When: 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Dress Code: Dinner suit and regalia.

Lodge Contact Details

Secretary: Right Worshipful Brother Brian Mc Dowell
(03) 5335 7892